Company Snapshot

Tim Belanger, owner and CEO of Ray Belanger Builders Ltd. founded in 1954, was brought up with a golden hammer in his hand. With and innate desire and fondness for architecture and design it’s no surprise that he took on a second generation custom home building company with ease and made it one of the greatest and highly reputable companies in Windsor and Essex county. Having started in the business at a young age of 15 it was the beginning of a long apprenticeship with his father and business partner. Tim has something that many other builders are not fortunate enough to have and that’s the practicality of many years of field experience with many trials. After taking over the company from his father, Ray Belanger, in 1984 he experienced one of the most trying times in his building history, a recession. After many late nights and a refusal to take short cuts in order to increase his bottom line, Tim proved that he was more than just a builder but a leader in his industry.

Tim has gone on to win multiple awards for new custom home building and renovation for his unparalleled reputation for quality. He was a past president and current member of the Greater Windsor Home Builders Association (GWHBA). He has also been involved in humanitarian acts in his community. Tim was one of the project managers involved with building a home for a severely injured firefighter in the community. He was also involved in an extreme build in Essex County in order to raise money for a new MRI machine for Windsor Regional Hospital.

Tim’s primary goal for the business is to strive to be the best and to make sure he has a happy and satisfied customer at the end of every project.